Wired: Architecture Professor Explains Why Malls Are Dying

It is fascinating how scholars gloss over how “Suburbs” as we once knew them were unselfconsciously branded as an escape to safety for Urban White families, with malls serving as a metaphor of town center, a few even incorporating those words into their name or tagline.

Now that minorities have invaded suburbia, Whites have moved further into previously rural and or natural settings or returned to reinvent urbanity in a new wave gentrification.

Privacy-first browsers look to take the shine off Google’s Chrome

By David Ingram

Before Google, Facebook and Amazon, tech dominance was known by a single name: Microsoft.

And no product was more dominant than Microsoft’s web browser, Internet Explorer. The company’s browser was the gateway to the internet for about 95 percent of users in the early 2000s, which helped land Microsoft at the center of a major government effort to break up the company.

Almost two decades later, Google’s Chrome now reigns as the biggest browser on the block, and the company is facing challenges similar to Microsoft’s from competitors, as well as government scrutiny.

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CNBC Vlickbait: Are Beyond Meat’s burgers healthier than red meat? Dietitians say no.

Dietians actually DON’T Say No, that is click bait. As always, professionals in healthcare are cautious and recooked a balanced diet.

There is no news story here. The introduction of vegetable-based products is systemically healthier as part of a balanced personal diet and more environmentally and economically more sustainable for us all.

This hack piece with it’s condesending weasel-words like “so-called” Flextarians, to describe people who regularly purchase and consume non-animal products is an attempt to poison the well we need to draw from if we are to enjoy a healthy, prosperous future..

If you want to bother reading the full article it’s here . . .

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