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An Unprecedented Cyberattack Hit the US Power Grid | Wired

This week saw some aftershocks from recent revelations about a large-scale iOS hacking campaign. Brokers of so-called zero day exploits—the kind that companies haven’t yet patched—have started charging more for Android hacks than iOS for the first time. And Apple finally released a statement that both criticized Google’s characterization of the attacks and downplayed the significance of the targeted surveillance of at least thousands of iPhone owners.

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A look at LibreOffice’s New 6.3.0 “Fresh” Release | Ars Technica

The open source office suite LibreOffice released its version 6.3.0 last week. This was a major release that added many new features, as well as interoperability enhancements (read: better import and export of Microsoft Office documents) and performance increases. LibreOffice 6.3.0 is a “fresh” (not long-term support) release that may be downloaded directly—or, if you’re a Linux user, you might choose to install it from the Snap Store instead.

Ubuntu (and probably most Linux users) will get a separate installation of LibreOffice 6.3.0 regardless of whether users install natively from download or install from snaps; Windows users who download the new version will have their existing LibreOffice version (if any) completely replaced upon installation.

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Wired: Architecture Professor Explains Why Malls Are Dying

It is fascinating how scholars gloss over how “Suburbs” as we once knew them were unselfconsciously branded as an escape to safety for Urban White families, with malls serving as a metaphor of town center, a few even incorporating those words into their name or tagline.

Now that minorities have invaded suburbia, Whites have moved further into previously rural and or natural settings or returned to reinvent urbanity in a new wave gentrification.

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