The functions of the Anarcho Pacifica Federated Union can be found distilled with Ráithold Co-operative.
Economic Democracy for Social Democracy begins creating a Zero Trust based Trust Personalization Management securing personal information and it’s use in a form that benefits the constituent rather than corporate vendors. This suite of tools is then extensible for Labor and Residential Communtity Relationship Modelling, Collaborative Analysis, and Descision-Making; followed in train by Education/Health/Fitness, and includes Financial and essentials like Transportation Demanand Management.
This is Culture as a Technology (CaaT), a collaborative pursuit of disciplined study and practice in the use of tools, virtual and actual, which further enhance our personal, cooperative, collaborative efforts passionate experiential learning, exploration, experimentation, creation, and production within the ArtScience paradigm.

This collaborative vision of psychosocial health and fitness is in part inspired by the work of Dr. Vikram Harshad Patel, MBBS, Ph.D., who advocates a unique form of peer-counsel, ordinary people competently delivering basic psychiatric services. Our variant of his Technology, Education, and Design vision named SUNDAR is Ecological Counseling informed by the multi-disciplinary sciences of Environmental Psychology.

Rather than treating ‘mental illness’ with the episodic McTherapy preferred by insurance companies, we envision an adaptive organization science that prioritizes continuous exercise for maintaining mental health and fitness coeval with the more normative preassumption of continuous physiological fitness. Fleet Réalta is but one possible example of a means for critical decolonization of health and fitness, mindful of culture without abandonment of evidentiary science.

We create a co-operative capital funded, sociocratically operated worker cooperative that treats products and services as the means to essentially underwrite the cost of optimizing the human strengths of worker-owners, their families, our communities of residence while accommodating those human limitations which form impediments to our creativity and sustainable productivity. I repeat, the needs of the Fleet Réalta Corps when fulfilled by our creative efforts, become our products which in turn serve the public good, with an uncompromising assurance of ongoing tests, validation of relevance, and systemic refinement.