Welcome to Ráithold °Compatriot Service – Economic Democracy for Social Democracy begins with creating a Zero Trust/Trust Personalization Management System for cyberphysical, network-aware Public Infrastructure and Resources. Securing personal information and transactions in a form that’s benefits are weighed in favor of the constituent rather than corporate vendors.

The inception of Fleet Réalta Cooperatives begins with forming of the instrumental means of securing and easing the personal experience of using community resources. Infrastructural resources that are technically enabled to serve more people more effectively and responsibly, thereby reducing systemic misuse, waste, and costs.

As a matter of principle the protocols, practices, and cyberphysical tools of access, use, and accountability are to be engineered in such a way that their benefits are weighed in favor of the constituent over the long term rather than short term profits of corporate vendors.

This proposed suite of tools is integral to the execution of the federation’s service level agreement, an expression of a social contract between constituent members, communities of practice, communities of residence.

Simply put, you cannot control or navigate what you cannot see. The better informed we all are, the better relationships we have, the better enabled we are to make informed choices that objectively best serve both our personal and community interests with transparency and accountability.

In this way, individuals and teams can change course, pivoted to better advantage t’s the tool that helps leaders of an organization in achieving a given objective without colliding or disrupting other individuals or teams, with monitoring and modeling potential revealing previously undisclosed opportunities for cooperation with others.

Ráithold provides the modern equivalents of compass, sextant, charts, and logs that enable and empower members of the federation to reduce the costs and inherent risks associated with exploration, discovery, experimentation, creation, development, production.

Our °Compatriot Compass is prerequisite for successful Making, it is Cultural Technology designed to collaboratively visualizeanalyzesynthesizemanage together, to continuously optimize human strengths, accommodate human limitations.