°Compatriot Compass

“The signal in the physical world is the foundation of design. We can understand how the human system works in order to design the most effective signals in a world full of distractions.”

― Dano Qualls

Welcome to Ɍáithold °Compatriot Service – A community of practice dedicated to Continuous Collaboration Action Research, Design, Development, and Advocacy of Economic Democracy for Social Democracy.

We begin with the introduction of a Zero Trust/Trust Personalization Management System for cyberphysical, network-aware Public Infrastructure and Resources. Securing personal information and transactions in a form that’s benefits are weighed in favor of the constituent rather than corporate vendors.

The inception of Fleet Réalta Cooperatives begins with the forming of an instrumental means of securing and easing the personal experience of using community resources. Infrastructure and resources that are technically enabled to serve more people more effectively and responsibly, thereby reducing systemic misuse, waste, and costs.

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